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As a BABS (Extraordinary Civil Service Officer) I appeared in a number of magazines and was even on TV. In addition, on this blog you will find many tips and stories about the marriages I have concluded and articles about wedding ceremonies. Looking for more wedding stories? Visit the references page

The video in which I am visited as Babs starts after 13:18 minutes

Babs Marie France in broadcast Van de Kaart March 2, 2017

Presenter Jet Sol of the TV Map Program draws a line on the map of the region. She has to get from A to B in a straight line. Strolling through the region, she meets all kinds of people.

This week Jet is in Koudekerk aan den Rijn. It starts on the Lagewaard and ends at Pro Arte, an association for amateur painters on the Rijndijk in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk. On the way they go through a hole in the fence of the open-air swimming pool and meet a couple of joyful bon vivants. Jet gets a lump in her throat as she passes through a wedding official’s house. She tells a moving love story. When she is almost at her end point, Jet encounters a major obstacle: the Rhine. How does she get across at these temperatures?

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