Privacy protocol of the independent Marriage Officer

in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of this protocol is to provide clarity about the acquisition, use, storage and
destruction of personal data of bridal couples and their witnesses.

Where reference is made to marriage ceremony, it is also referred to as partnership registration or ceremonial

Obtaining data

Personal data and contact details are obtained from the municipality, the bridal couple or via
a third with the consent of the bridal couple.

In order to be able to perform a marriage, the personal data of a bridal couple are necessary for various purposes:

In case of a legal marriage, the special registrar of births, deaths and marriages is jointly and severally. For that reason, it is important to be able to establish an identity. For this, checking an identity document is sufficient and no copies are made, requested or stored.
As an independent wedding official, it is mandatory to keep accounts. Name and address details are required to send an invoice. The accounts must be kept for five years.
To correspond with the bridal couple, it is important to save email addresses and telephone numbers. After the execution has been completed and it has been discussed afterwards, these contact details will be destroyed.
If, at the request of the bridal couple, contact is also sought with family or friends, these data will be destroyed or deleted after the ceremony.
The personal information of the bridal couple is processed into a speech. This speech will be destroyed after the wedding and the digital version will only be anonymized. This means that personal data will be deleted before it is stored and notes will be destroyed.

In accordance with the GDPR, no data may be stored that is not necessary. Only name details are required for the ceremony of the marriage. Further personal data is stated on the deed which is obtained from the municipality. This deed is stored in the registers of the civil status. If a certificate is made for a ceremonial commitment, the bridal couple themselves determine which information they provide for this. This data will be deleted immediately after the ceremony.

Retention of data

Only data that must be kept for legal reasons is stored digitally. Digital files can be accessed in various ways. This requires good protection of the computer, tablet and mobile phone by means of a virus scan and password protection. This means that the virus scan must always be up-to-date and a password must be changed regularly, at least annually.

Destruction of data

If information is on paper, it will be destroyed as soon as its use is no longer necessary. A paper shredder is used for this. Documents obtained digitally are deleted as soon as their use is no longer necessary. This means that both file folders and emails are on the computer, tablet, phone or in the cloud
should be checked carefully.

Information, inspection and correction

A bridal couple has the right to information, inspection and correction of the data they have provided at all times.

In case of data leak

If data has come into the hands of third parties without authorization, this will immediately be reported to the person or persons concerned and to the authority personal data.