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Marry and mourn. They seem like two extremes, but both are milestones in a life. Moments where you reflect on what you have and what you had with you. Moments also that are shared with almost all the loved ones in your life. How often does that happen .

Marriage and mourning are closely related. Also at a funeral it is important to hit the right note, not fancy but stylish. Warm and with depth. As a funerary speaker I can be booked for a funeral and as a funeral speaker I respectfully supervise a funeral service.

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Respectful and with love

Mourning and getting married have a lot in common. It is also important at a funeral that you hit the right note. Always stylish. Warm and with depth. Sometimes laughter is allowed and of course there is room for emotion. This in all dignity with the aim of giving the deceased and the relatives a last memory that suits them.

That is why I also started as a funeral speaker to support and guide you during the funeral. What a wonderful, honorable challenge it is to say goodbye that will never be forgotten. And to work with those he or she loved on a funeral ceremony.

When no minister of religion will speak and when giving a speech does not suit you, or simply do not have the strength, you can call in a funeral speaker to express what you would have liked to say.

An appropriate farewell is one of the last things you can do for the deceased and can also offer comfort.

And while I always keep the speech secret as a gift for the bridal couple at weddings, I will always share it with the relatives at a funeral ceremony. Not only to avoid any small ‘mistakes’, but also to prepare them in peace for what is to come.