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Babs Marie France - Wedding OfficialTrouwplechtigheid

About Marie-France

As a wedding official I have been active in the wedding industry for many years and I organize wedding ceremonies throughout the Netherlands and beyond. If you are looking for a special, modern and personal wedding ceremony in which your wishes are processed, please contact us!

Who is BABS Marie-France

My name is Marie-France Aarnink-Nijssen. I live in Koudekerk aan de Rijn, I am married to Redmer and the mother of three young adult children. I like to read and yoga, have been taking Spanish lessons for years, I like atmosphere & cosiness at home with my family & friends Some friendships date from childhood, I maintain and cherry them intensively .

After my study at the Hotel Management School in The Hague, I worked for many years in commercial services. At the end of 2001 I decided to bring more balance into my life between caring for my children and my work. But most of all, I was looking for more depth in my professional career After a short search, all the puzzle pieces fell into place when the job of wedding official came on my way

Time and again I am intrigued by the stories that bridal couples entrust to me, it is great fun to live with them and their loved ones towards the wedding day and I experience it as an enormous privilege to be able to organize the wedding ceremony.

Every couple, every ceremony, every story is unique. I have the best job there is!

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Kinderen betrekken in trouwceremonie

Wedding official – a wonderful job

My work is my passion and keeps me busy 7 days a week. When you practice your profession with so much love and pleasure, it gives a lot of satisfaction and always a happy feeling to be able to do this for my clients

I am a member of the professional association for wedding officials www.matrimonium.nl and I work a lot with colleagues.

I often hear from bridal couples that they thought it was so special how much I got out of our preliminary meeting and turned it into a ceremony that was made for them.

I see it as my task to provide a wdding ceremony in a way that suits the bridal couple ; personal and casual, in which people recognize themselves and which is relaxed and stylish. In addition, I give plenty of room for your own contribution and I take the time for everything and everyone very extensively, both in terms of preparation and on the day itself. With the aim of a smooth, modern and sparkling wedding ceremony.

When you have foreign guests, it is nice if they are addressed in their own language. In addition to English, I also have a reasonable knowledge of the German, French and Spanish language.

Of course, children, parents, grandparents, witnesses and loved ones can also be involved in the wedding ceremony in any way you wish. Because this day is not only special for you, but for them as well

Babs Marie France - Wedding OfficialTrouwplechtigheid


Sweet, kind and emotional feedback of fantastic bridal couples from whom I was privileged to take care of the wedding ceremony as marriage officiant.

Weddingceremony in gardens of an estate

Thanks for the beautiful ceremony; it was absolutely beautiful. We also received compliments from various bystanders!

Jody & Gert
Weddingceremony in the castle of Kasteel Oud Poelgeest

The ceremony was perfect for us. No comments or remarks; you did a fantastic job, really! Thank you very much for this

Paul & Margreet
Wedding official at weddingceremony of Siebe en Peggy in Paviljoen de Witte Scheveningen

What I really liked is that you gave the witnesses attention with a beautiful story and that you told our story so beautifully.

Siebe & Peggy